Очень и очень и очень срочно! Напишите доклад по английскому !!!!!!!!

какие черты характера англичане считают традиционными для своей нации на английском языке очень вас прошууу!!!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения


Englishtradition differ from our. At first we shall speak about english meal. English have four meal a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. english eat very little bread. They like tea and often with milk. At five o'clock tea is traditional habit. Dinner is (a) main dish in the day(может быть неправильно). 

 Now we shall speak about school in England. Week begins on sunday, but in our country it begins on monday. There are many "kinds" of school in England. There are nursery schools, kinergarten(может быть неправильно написал слово), junior and primary school,compulsory school(тоже может быть неправильно) and so on.

English people go to seaside for a day. It is tradional day in England. People go by train or by car. Often they go in a group and they hire coach.


Это все что я мог напмсать sry