Составmте предложения из следующих слов: 1.Your, friend's, large, room, is? 2. Is, a second-year, Kate, student. 3. Your, is, name, what? 4. This, on agronomy, a new, is, book. 5. Very, is, the library, institute, our, of, not, large. 6. The hostel, far from, is, the institute? 7. Books, interesting, these, are. 8. This, pencil, your, is?


Ответы и объяснения


Your friend`s room is large. Is your friend`s room large?

Kate Is  a second-year  student.

 what  is  Your name

this is a new book on agronomy

the library of our institute is not very large

is the hostel far from the institute

these books are interesting

is this pencil yours


is your friend s room large;2.kate is second year student3.what is your name.4.this is a new book on agronomy.5.the library of our institute is not very large.6.the hostel is farfrom the institute.7.these books are interesting.8.is this pencil your