Срочно нужно сочинение на тему Мой Гардероб, 9 класс

Желательнно использование грамматики юнита

10-14 Предложений (Желательнно)


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Each man has their own tastes and control! Prepochteniya in clothes. Each has its own internal dress code, something that makes women buy are the things that conforms to the concept of the norm in her clothes. The same can be said of the self-perception and self-esteem. One can vyti drops out without make-up, the other, not having time to really wake up, runs for a dressing table to impose the usual makeup. One woman will never go out with neraschesannymi hair and dirty clothes. Another even bother not about that. Designers offer us many fashion trends, and its vision of the "can-can." But not all proposed global masters of fashion, we are ready to apply to themselves.