(1)Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в нужном времени. 1)1.LOOK!HOW many birds to high up in the air! 2.Yesterday he to tell us for two hours about his trip to India. 3.I to watch TV, when somebody to Knock at the door. 4.These goods export to all European countries. (2)Составте предложение из данных слов 2)1/Tomorrow,shall,at,we,for,here,you,be,time,waiting. 2/ Now,being,what,are,questions,discussed? 3/Him,there,to,20 minutes,get,takes,it. 4/In,tney,while,were,got,working,together,married,Malaysia,they. (3)Переведите предложения обращая внимание на модальные глаголы 1.You may call me Dolly if you like,bit you mustn`t call me child. 2.You must be at an oficce at 10 10 o`clock. 3.You needn`t deal with this shop if you don`t like it. 4.He can lend me a dictionary for a week. (4)Перепишите предложения раскрыв скобки и употребив глагол в придаточных предложениях 1.She will be delighted when she hear this. 2.When we take our exams we`ll have holiday. 3.She will be angry if I be late. 4.If he like the house well he buy it? 5) Hand-held computer The electrohic translator, a calculator-like device,offered travelers a computerized foreig-language dictionary.Two US companies have recently put such devises on the market.One of Japanese companies said it would begin manufacturing a translator device later.However,it said it`s machine would be more than just a translator.In fact,the company said it would be making the worid`s first all-purpose,hand-held computer. This machine will be the same translator device but it will make use of several attachments:those now of the drawing board include a mini-printer that effectively turns the translator info a typewriter,a video screen that would make the machine function as a miniatuare computer display terminal ahd a vose synthesizer so that user can hear as well as see the information stored in the machine.Through the use of programmed information capsules the machine will also be able to function as an electronic encylopedia,putting spots, arts,history and other facts at the user`s fingertips.With capsules that user can program themselves,the computer applications become broader,extending to home accounting,telephone and adress fillig and even recipe indexing.


Ответы и объяснения


1.are highing up

2.was telling

3.I had watched tv, knocked



 1.Tomorrow we shall be waiting for you here at time

2.What  questions are being discussed now?

3.It takes him 20 minutes to get there



 1.Вы можите называть меня Долли,если хотите,но не называйте меня ребенком!
2.Ты обязан быть в офисе в 10 часов

3.вы не нуждаетесь иметь дело с эти магазином,если о вамне нравиться

 4.Он может предоставить мне словарь в течение недели


1. hears

2.  take

3. I'm late

4.If he likes the house well he'll buy it?


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