раскрыть скобки в нужном времени

One day when Pooh Bear (1.visit) some of his friends and had nothing else to do, he (2. think) he (3. go) round ro Piglet's house (4. see) what Piglet (5.do). It (6. snow) since early morning. Pooh (7. expect) (8. find) Piglet (9.warm) his toes in front of his fire, but to ihs surprise he (10. see) that the door (11. be) open, and the more he (12. look) inside the morn Piglet (13. not, be) there. So what I (14. do), said Pooh, is this. I (15. go) home first and see what the time (16. be), and perhaps I (17. put) a scarf round my neck, and them I (18. go) and (19. see) Eeyore and (20.sing) my new hum to him. He (21. hurry) back to his own house; when he (22. open) his door he suddenly (23.see) Piglet (24. sit) in his best armchair and looking as if he (25. sit) there for a long time. Pooh could only (26.stand) there (27. wonder) whose house he (28. be) in. "Hallo, Piglet," he said. "I(29.think) you (30.be) out." "No," said Piglet, "it's you who (31. be) out. I (32. sit) here for an hour already


Ответы и объяснения


1. had visited

2. thought

3. would go

4. to see

5. was doing

6. was snowing

7. expected

8. to find

9. to warm

10. had seen

11. was

12. was looking

13. wasn't 

14. did

15. went

16. was

17. put

18. had gone

19. saw

20. sang

21. hurried

22. had opened

23. saw

24. sitting

25. was sitting

26. stand

27. wondering

28. was in

29. had thought

30. were out

31. was

32. was sitting