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1. What are your strong and weak points?

2. What are your priorities now? Do you think they will change with time?

3. What features do you appreciate in people in general? Do you think you have these features? What would you like to change in yourself?

4. How much does your future depend on the future of your country?


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1/My strong points is that I always can find solution in hard moments.
My weak points is my addiction to the computer games. 


2. My priotities is to study well and do the things to help my future. Surw they will change.

3.I like peple with sense of humour and at the same time smart ones.
That's why I like these people because I like to laugh a lot. By now I like my character and do not want to change anything.

4. I think, my country want young people to go to factories and do dirty job. But I wanr ti get a good education and do the hings I want to do.