Упр. 210. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect, Present Continuous, Present Simple или Past Simple.

1. Please give me a pencil, I (to lose) mine. 2. I (not to meet) Peter since Monday. 3. Nina just (to finish) work. 4. Where Sergei (to be)? — He (to go) home. He (to leave) the room a minute ago. 5. What you (to read) now? — I (to read) "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. 6. They (to read) "Ivanhoe" by Walter Scott a month ago. What about you? You (to read) "Ivanhoe"? 7. My watch (to stop). There (to be) something wrong with it. 8. You (to see) Jack today? — Yes, I (to see) him at the institute. 9. You (to hear) the new symphony by M.? — Yes, I... . — When you (to hear) it? — I (to hear) it last Sunday. 10. You (to change) so much. Anything (to happen)? 11. What you (to do) here at such a late hour? You (to write) your composition? — No, I (to write) it already. I (to work) at my report. — And when you (to write) your composition? — I (to finish) it two days ago. 12. I say, Tom, let's have dinner. — No, thank you, I al-I ready (to have) dinner. 13. What the weather (to be) like? It still (to rain)? — No, it (to stop) raining.


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1. Please give me a pencil, I have lost mine.

 2. I have not meet Peter since Monday.

 3. Nina has just finished  work. 

4. Where is Sergei ? - He has gone home. He left the room a minute ago

5. What are you reading  now? – I am reading  “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. 

6. They read  “Ivanhoe” by Walter Scott a month ago. What about you? Have you read  “Ivanhoe”? 

7. My watch has stopped. There is something wrong with it.

8. Have you seen  Jack today? – Yes, I have seen  him at the institute. 

9. Have you heard  the new symphony by M? – Yes I have.

When did you hear   it? - I heard  it last Sunday

10. You have changed  so much. Has anything happened

11. What are you doing here at such a late hour? Are you writing  your composition? - No, I have written  it already. I am working at my report. - And when did you write  your composition? – I finished  it two days ago

12. I said  Tom let’s have dinner. - No, thank you, I have already had  dinner. 

13. What is the weather  like? Is it still raining ? - No, it has stopped raining.