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      (Novel PA Zagrebelny "Roksolana")
      In the center of Istanbul, the most conspicuous place stands a memorial stone stele Ukrainian girl with melodious Roksolana. He - not only exceptional dedication to daughter Ukraine, but also praising passionate belief in the beauty of life, a symbol of women fighting for their identity and uniqueness, for the right to be happy.
      Image Roksolany dedicated his novel Paul Zahrebelnyi who answered the question of how and why Roksolana who seem not done anything exceptional or extremely prominent in the history of mankind, "do not get lost and not get lost in the age of the Titans" Renaissance. She managed to defend their human dignity and women in a society where to do so would be impossible.
      Since I first read this novel, it took a long time. Maybe because of their age, I was still unable to comprehend just read, it seemed to me much unclear. And recently, I again enthusiastically read "Roksolana" and so I liked the novel, which became a favorite literary work. I know that I will not again return to it again and again to meet with his old compatriot amazing.
      When I read the novel, I always thought that I know very well this girl, she had already met me. And suddenly I realized Zahrebelnyi uosobyv in image Roksolany most expressive features of the Ukrainian woman, her looks, character. Her beauty - this incomparable beauty of Ukrainian "state flexibility", "white face", "white neck", "blue eyes", "long eyelashes", "thin eyebrows." Her character exalted by the charm of the Ukrainian soul, and the height of the senses, and the desire for freedom and knowledge, and concern for the disadvantaged, and not giving up in times of hardship, and above all this - holy love for his native Ukraine, which badly missed unconquered soul Nasty . This love helped to rise from his knees slave and becoming Roksolanoy to reach the greatest heights of power. It only weapon Nasty-Roksolany was her beauty, intelligence, and independent will.
      Today, in my opinion, Roksolany image is very important for our society. Probably among my countrymen will not find any who would remain indifferent to this image, because it concentrated all the best features of a man who, being in difficult circumstances, wants to defend their dignity. For every modern woman Roksolana, moreover, was also a symbol of the struggle for their own identity, uniqueness, for the right to be called the daughter of his land.
      I was even difficult to convey admiration and respect that they caused in my mind the image of the heroine Zagrebelny. I felt both gratitude and that she had made a name in the history of Ukrainian women, and that his example teaches the highest qualities of human personality, and that makes you reflect on your own character. I know that forever Roksolana next to me and I'll be there with them to overcome their challenges in life, beating them on the path to happiness. Because I do not believe it - not: "... I am with you I'll, I'm loyal and strong. I will help thee in sorrow and trouble. Knew me, children of your ways? But the heart says (but my heart is true) that fate destined to you, children, marvelously, and be happy big hike. I'm with you - through thorns to the stars of gold - I'll forever because I can not not go. walk - so my heart says. A heart knows everything. "