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There is a proverb, “work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It means that people need rest after work. The word “holiday” comes from the words “holy days”. Holidays were first religious festivals. Now many holidays have nothing to do with religion.
Some holidays are celebrated in many countries, for example New Year Day. New Year holiday celebrations are different in different places, but giving presents and sending greetings with good wishes are very popular in all countries. Some holidays come very close to one another, for instance, Christmas and New Year’s Day. But some do not. Some, such as Easter, are movable holidays. Christmas is the most poetic and cheerful festival. In Ukraine its main feature is the Holy Supper. It has 12 lenten dishes symbolic of the 12 Apostles who gathered with Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. A lighted candle is always placed in the window for homeless strangers. As soon, as the first star appears in the sky the head of the family brings a decoration made from wheat, so-called “Didukh”. It remains standing till the New Year, and then it is taken out. The family gathers around the dining table. The first dish is “kutya” which is cooked of wheat with honey, seeds, and fruit & nut. Usually there are many dishes
All dishes are prepared without meat. During these holidays we can see many young people in funny and strange clothes. They walk along the streets and congratulate everybody during these holidays. These groups are called “Vertep”. They sing carols (coliadky and entertain people with some Bible stories about the birth of Jesus Christ). Everybody likes Christmas, but a folk proverb says, “Christmas comes but once a year”