Put the given words in right older

1. twenty-five am years old

2.are in from

3. student a is Anton my I`m name and

4. book my is This

5. nice today a day It`s

6. brother`s name foul Her is

7. engineer is an John

8. is name Johonsson My gusband`s

9. in class twelie There students are my

10. The top is addres


Ответы и объяснения


1.  I am twenty-five  years old.
2. ? Нет подлежащего!

3.  I`m a  student and my name is Anton.
4. This is my book.

5.  It`s a  nice day today.
6.  Her  brother`s name is (оставшееся слово (имя)) 

7. John is an engineer.
8. My husband`s name is Johonsson.
9. There are twelve students in my class.
10. The address is (at the)  top (of smth).