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With joy in my heart and a smile on his face a girl I write this essay. Why my family, where I live - I call treasure? And because I'm the happiest girl in the world. I believe that where there is a peace in the family, harmony, understanding, love their children and children to their parents - this is a priceless treasure in my heart. I am also proud of my parents, my grandmother, my brother. From my father I inherit confidence in their actions, honesty and fairness, honesty, love and kindness to me, to my brother, to my i, sincere and gentle mother, from her mother- inherit all those good, sincere and gentle features nature, which is now in my mom. Because in our family always prevails peace, mutual understanding, respect and honor to everyone who is in our family - I'm his brother stand firmly on their feet and are confident in the future.


Hello, my name is Veronika. Today I want to tell you about my family. 

My family is not very big. It consists of 3 members – my mother, my father and me.

At first I will tell you about my mother. My mother’s name is Elena. She is 27 years old. She has got brown hair and brown eyes. She is slim. She is very kind and always ready to help me. Her profession is a teacher. She likes her work very much.

Now I’ll tell you about my father. His name is Alexander. He is 27, too. He is very tall. His eyes and his hair are brown. He is an electrical engineer. I think, he can fix everything!

My parents are very funny and energetic people. When everybody is at home, we like to talk about everything. We play different games together. We also like to walk in the street. When we have time, we drive to parks, or such interesting places like big supermarkets, cafes, the centre of the city.

I’ve also got grandparents, but they don’t live with us. We visit them very often.

My family is great, I love all of them very much.