Change into passive.

1. They must visit Mr. Grey in the morning.
2. He will speak to his cousin tomorrow.
3. They often give her fruits from their garden.
4. They built a new hospital last year.
5. She is reading a book at the moment.
6. When Jack came his sister was prearing supper.
7. I have done my homework. How i can go for a walk.
8. He will look after his brother next week.
9. Pupils didn't visit the boy last week.
10. We don't translate poems at home.


Ответы и объяснения


1) Mr.Grey must be visited in the morning

2) His cousin will be spoken to tomorrow by him

3) She is often given fruits from their garden

4) a new hospital was built last year

5) a book is read at the moment

6)supper was being prepared by his sister when Jack came

7) My homework is done

8) His brother will be looked after next week by him

9) the boy wasn't visited by pupils last week

10) poems aren't translated at home by us