Переделайте предложения из прямой речи в косвенную, используя согласование времен
1) "Did you father repair the car?", asked Nick.
2) "Were you able to visit them last Sunday?", asked the teacher.

3) "Have you paid for your ticket?", asked the conductor.


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1)Nick asked me if my father had repaired the car.

The teacher asked me if I had been able to visit them the previous Sunday. 

The conductor asked me if I had paid for my ticket.

2)She asked me if that man had been a doctor.

Kate said me that she had finished my book. It had been very interesting.

The teacher said that the Earth goes round the sun.

He asked where Tom lived.

She told me that her mother had not liked dresses.

She said she was cleaning her room.

The boy told himself  he would go home.