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We live in a democracy, where power is vested in the people. This means that every adult citizen can influence the policy of the state, either directly or indirectly. Direct impact on the policy provided by members of the parliamentary elections, presidential elections, indirect - those who are actively engaged in social activities, participate in polls, surveys, events, socio-political, that is, takes active citizenship. The political activity of citizens should be high. Only in this case there are fair elections. Only in this case, the government can not come crooks who want to profit at the people's expense. And here is the dilemma: to go to the polling place or stay at home? Political activities is to go to the polls and vote freely and consciously in order for a candidate whose position seems closest voter. What could be easier? According to sociologists, historians, psychologists, democracy is the most equitable social order. In the distant future, according to the optimists, will develop a worldwide community of democratic states. This means that the people who inhabit the planet Earth, should be prepared to comprehend the foundations of democracy today. This is especially important for residents of those states that has recently thrown off the yoke of totalitarianism. Hopefully, in the world of the future will live a much easier and safer than today's strife-torn world and challenges. And in order to lay the foundations for the future, each of us needs to take the first step, which is the next one hundred - to go to the next election and vote for the future of the country and the planet!