напишите или скиньте текст описание квартиры на английском!


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I live with parents in the big new house on the seventh floor. We moved here recently, but already got used to the new room: it is much better former.
When you enter into the apartment, at once it appear in a big and spacious hall. Near one wall — a hanger and a case, near another — a pier glass. Nearby — a door in kitchen, and on the other hand, on the right, an entrance to our room and a bedroom of parents.
Nursery at us spacious and light, with an exit to a loggia. We manage in the nursery with the brother together. In our room there are two beds: mine and Mitin. The left corner is occupied by a wardrobe and a case for toys and books. We have a good library where the most interesting books are collected. Near a wall, on the right, cost a desk with book shelves and a bedside table for the tape recorder and the TV.
Behind a desk I do homework, I draw; frankly speaking, it not always looks tidily therefore mother sometimes becomes angry about me.
On book shelves there are textbooks and books from the Children's Encyclopedia series which I like to leaf through from time to time. Among books is a little empty seat, there at me the beautiful stones found in mountains, a mountain sedge, leaves of different plants from the Nikitsky botanical garden lie. All this is accurately placed, and every morning, opening eyes, I see this beauty which reminds that the summer will soon return and we all family again will go to the tender sea.
In our room there are a lot of toys which I presented Meath, but it won't get used in any way to that they need to be cleaned. Now you represent as my apartment looks. You come to us on a visit and you will see how at us it is pure and cozy.