Нужны примеры по 10 предложений Past Simple, Present Simple, Present Continues, Future Simple


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past simple:

1) I was in London last year.

2) i went round the shops, then i went to the cinema.

3) He went to the cinema yesterday.

4) The weather was fine last week.

5) Did you go to school yesterday?

6) I bought a good book the day before yesterday.

7) We had an exam on Thursday.

8) He asked me to help him.

9) I bought a lot of presents for you.

10) He did not go to the park with us.

Present simple:

1) I am a pupil.

2) My name is Ann.

3) I go to school every day.

4) What is your favourite film?

5) Do you like cakes?

6) He is my friend.

7) How much is it?

8) What do you like for dinner&

9) I like to play football.

10) How old are you?

Present cont.

1) I am doing my homework now.

2) He is cooking now.

3)Are you seeing Tom today?

4) They are eating at the moment.

5) What are you doing?

6) What are you looking for?

7) He is cleaning his room.

8) I am looking for my key.

9) What are they doing?

10)He is ridding a horse.

Future S.

1) I will help you.

2) What will you buy for mum?

3) He will do his work.

4) I will go to London next week.

5) Will he come?

6) I will write a composition tomorrow.

7) He will come to the party.

8) I will draw a picture for you.

9) Tom will ring you later.

10) I will have breakfast in my room.