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I do not know what to write. These days in my life a lot. Nemerennoe their number. Every day - this is the best, but in its own way. But still there three days, which I think best. However, will only discuss one. Since the rest - a private and not for the works.
Day one. I woke up early this morning. I remember how, looked at the clock and saw my favorite, by the way, figure - 5. The first thought I had positivshaya "Why am I awake so early?". 've Already started spring break and I was able to sleep peacefully and without fear that the taxi can be delayed and I can be late for school. It was hard to get out of bed. In such cases, I immediately imagine Oblomov. Although we have begun to take place only in the tenth grade, I had read it earlier, because it makes the parents. I remember how he was lazy, as it was difficult to get out of bed ...
As for me, so I would not have gone to bed. But the body requires. So, remembering Oblomov, I literally jumped out of bed and ran to look out the window. In my favorite, a large window. From there you can see the pink house across the street, or at the mall, or on an empty road. You could see everything you want. After all, we see what we want to see. Nothing new, I never saw him. But the sky ... it was great. Blue and pink clouds, and at the same time, the gray-blue sky. The sun had not yet risen, but the horizon can be seen the thin stripes of bright yellow color. It was interesting to see this miracle. If you imagine yourself in Alaska during the winter, instead of the sky is the aurora, which is even better than the view, with which I watched from the window. I sat on poddokonnike and watched all this beauty.
In the afternoon I decided to go for a walk. In the understanding of young people - it's either go to drink alcohol, or sit with friends in a cafe, or go to the movies, etc. My understanding is - is a walk. And what is the walk? It is walking in the open air. Yeah, maybe I do not get out of the bustling city. But in the city, too, can walk. I love these streets, these streets and the so-called "Sounds of the City". Passing cars, alarms, people talking loudly on the phone is like music. And if you listen you can even hear the birds singing. So, I'm on my way around the city. One. The street is not very cold. Quite the contrary. There was a warm breeze and tickled my cheek. It is a pity that in our time, no one pays attention to such trifles. I just walked. Thinking about her. Listened. Sometimes stopped to look at the buds on the trees. They are already swollen. The thought that he would soon start seeing leaves warms the heart. So I walked, or rather wander and discover new streets for themselves and streets, and 5 pm.
Back home, I again felt Oblomov. But the experience of walking remained in my head and heart nadolgo.Nado often it will be selected. Just to take a walk. That such is my best day in my life. ;) Or here:
Maybe for someone else is not the best day of their lives, but for me, yes. I imagine if one day found herself in London. I'd walked all the parts to get the full experience of the city. First I went to the City, in the heart of London, because there are plenty of shops, clubs, cafes, and other interesting knowledge. There I would go to the store and buy a rubbish. Next, I would go to the museum Madame Tussauds to be photographed with a wax figure of Bill Kaulitz. This is my most cherished dream, which I carried to London. In the remaining time, I would wander the streets of London and photographed everything to me out of the way. So this would be one of the happiest days of my life.