ПОМОГИТЕ ПРООШУУ КТО СКОЛЬКО СМОЖЕТ!!!!нужно написать сочинение по английскому!! по теме cristmas(рождество)желательно 250 слов но кто сколько сможет!!!


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 There are various  holidays in the world, like Birthday, Mather's Day, St. Valentines Day and others.

But i think the most important holiday is Cristmas. It is the early celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It falls on December 25 by the Catholic Church and on the 7th of January by the Orthodox Church. This holiday means the beginning of the new year and the new life. People celebrate this holiday with the cristmas tree. It stands in everybody's living room at Christmas, shining its good cheer around the room. This holiday people usually celebrate with their family. They present to each other  gifts, give wishes and наму Cristmassy.