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My favourite Lensk!
Each person will have some words which he can tell about the hometown. And here I want to tell these words about my city, the city of Lensk!
The composition I decided to call "My favourite Lensk" because for the 10 years which I lived from the date of the birth in Lensk, for me he really became a darling and the hometown. And I had my own impression about it which today I want to share with all!
I was born and I grow in Lensk, and I am proud of it. I consider our city very beautiful. Especially I like Lensk in the spring when curly birches blossom, the bird cherry blossoms, the grass turns green and the first dandelions blossom. I consider, it is possible to be proud of our city because we have many beautiful places which we can admire: it is the embankment, city park, Yagnyshev Boulevard. There are at us libraries, museums, movie theater and still there are a lot of places where inhabitants and city visitors can spend the leisure-time. But, in my opinion, the most important sight of our city is the Lena River on which there is our city. After all not for nothing our lensky poets called her the beauty. I consider our city glorified because the city is done not by buildings and parks, the city is done by ourselves, glorifying it the affairs and acts, and in our city lives many people, honourable inhabitants of whom our Lensk is proud. And, certainly, further prosperity of our city only in our hands. We can make so that our city was proud of us, and we, in turn, will be always proud of it, the Lensk!
I very much love my Lensk though, maybe, it is strange to someone to hear it from the child.
And in conclusion of the composition I want to remind everything that Lensk has anniversary soon, and I long thought that to wish to my city this day, but I think that all wishes which turn in my head, already come true. Because every day our city becomes all more beautiful more purely. Also there is a wish to tell only one: so to hold, Lensk! At you all will turn out!