Сочинение на тему my favourite group 15-20 предложений, не про попсу, желательно про року группу, желательно про русскую......


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my favourite group is "Kino". it is actually rock band because I like rock music. They are special for me cause their music makes me happy when I listen to it.

they have a kind of special lyrics and music and I have collected all their albums. I'm really fan of them and I was very upset when I found out that their solo singer Viktor Tsoy writer of lyrics and composer of their music is dead. 

he wrote many good songs that are very funny and at the same time actual for that time when he   

lived. many people liked them and many people still love them very much ! 

I heard that when they were concerting at "Luzhniki" thousands of fans came for their concert and thousands of fans could not come, because the tickets were all sold.

I like them very much!