Написать сочинение или россказ на тему "мой любимый вид спорта"или "спорт моя жизнь".15 предложений


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I cannot imagine my life without sport, especially without football. I think I’ve played this kind of sport whole my life. I play it with my friends outside, with my father and with my friends at school. Actually, I’m the pitcher of our school team.

Do you know what they say about football? Football is a game in which one side of the stadium wants to see eleven men killed, and the other side of the stadium wants to see eleven men killed. I hope you guess why eleven. It’s because there are eleven players in a football team. Right now I’m really good at football, as my coach always says to me.

I play football about 5 hours every day without days off. I cannot just stop and have some days of vacation. I have a goal - to become a real professional. To reach my goal, I need to have regular training. But it’s OK with me. I don’t sacrifice my life because I really enjoy playing football. I’d better spend my time playing football then playing computer games.


People all over the world are fond of sports and games. That is one of the things in which people of any nationality are united. All kinds of physical exercises are useful to make our bodies strong enough to keep ourselves fit and healthy. 
 Regular exercises give you more energy. That is why many people  should take more exercise. 
"A healthy mind in a healthy body" as the old Latin saying goes. The English proverb "Sickness in the body brings sickness to the mind" expresses the same idea from a different point of view. 
In winter many people go in for cross-country and alpine skiing, ski jumping, skating, figure skating, ice hockey and so on, but in such warm regions as ours, facilities for these activities are limited. 
As for me, I prefer swimming.  It keeps a person in a good physical form. I have been swimming since my childhood. 
Certainly, there is a huge distance between my manner of swimming and that of great champions, but I get real pleasure whatever my achievements are. Just to participate is not less important than to win a victory.