помогите.,нужна информация по теме национальные костюмы в Великобритании.пожалуйста помогите.


Ответы и объяснения


In many countries national costume is usually from ancient folk clothing or its individual elements. UK in this case - an exceptional example. Here, because of the high level of economic development, national costume went back in time, and its elements are preserved only in stage costumes song or dance performances (think dancers who perform folk dance Morris).

Although folk tunes in costume Britons disappeared, their traditional dress still have some distinctive features, which are now called the "British style" or "English suit." The essence of these concepts lies in the nature of the garments, but it should be inconspicuous, elegant, quiet.

Nowadays suit British time, as before, can talk about his activities: work wear caps, farmers - three-piece suit, clerks - skinny pants, black jacket and bowler.

The most distinguished traditional costumes, dressed in that requires formal occasion. But it applies medieval fashion. This kind of costumes worn royalty during the coronation. Lawyers and judges, like many centuries ago, put on a meeting of the mantle and wig.

With national costume best deal comes in the Scots. In celebration of the men in Scotland wear a kilt, a white shirt over his shoulder throw rug complement the image gaiters, massive boots and a dark beret.

In short, the British, in a sense deprived national costume, but we can safely say that the national element in the British costume expressed clearly enough, and the English style is always easily recognizable.