надо сочинение на английском "здоровый образ питания" помогите пожалуйстаа ;)


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You may think life of student is very boring and all what we are doing is just studing....but it's just from first sight!Now let me tell you some secrets about students' life and how to enjoy it to the fullest!Life of typical student is usually going in its own special way....as soon as you become a student your life will change completely!But let's not talk about such boring things like exams and credits today....i would like to tell you what we do when we are done with studies and all stuffs like that!The best way to spend time for us is parting and meeting with friends....and we like to go to a disco and dance there the whole night as we get a chance.There are also some other ways of spending our free time;like eating out,going to cinema and just going for a walk!