Помогите написать небольшое (5-9 предложений) сочинение на тему "My pet".


Ответы и объяснения


  For the first time with my puppy I met in my apartment when I came from the village. We have been chosen nickname and decided to call it Yaroslav. He was so small and ridiculous, and that would take him up and cuddle. Flattened snout, eyes brown, orange edge. Hanging ears. Body black, red belly, legs short, fluffy. The tail is long, and the tip of fluff. Yarik loves lying on his back, sleeping alone in bed - in another place he did not fall asleep. Dislikes wash and dirty - adores. When Yarik eating outweighs the head and hind legs hanging in the air. My pet helps me to sleep: lies at the feet and warm. Here I have a four-legged friend!