тема по английскому языку "Washington". обязательно чтобы было про Белый Дом.

спасибо зарание!!!


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Первое сочинение.

 The beautiful city of Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States and the centre of its government. The capital was named after the first president George Washington and was founded in 1790. It is situated on the Potomac River in the District of Columbia. Washington is not the largest city in the USA. It has about 900 000 inhabitants.

Washington D.C. has nothing characteristically American in it, as its conception is purely French. It has long wide avenues, gardens, beautiful parks and no skyscrapers at all.

Washington is the residence of the President and the Congress of the USA. The White House is the President’s residence, the Capitol — the seat of the American Congress. The largest and the tallest among the buildings is the Capitol with its great House of Representatives and Senate Chamber. There are no skyscrapers because no other building must be taller than the Capitol.

All american presidents except George Washington (the White House was not yet built in his time) have lived in the White House. It was built in 1799. Washington is a large scientific and cultural centre, where there are many research institutes, five universities, the National Academy of Science and the Library of Congress.

There is one more well-known building in Washington — Pentagon, the residence of the US Military department. It is situated in the suburbs to the south of the Potomac.


Воторое сочинение.

 Washington sprang out of a marshy wilderness. It’s named after George Washington, the first President of the United States. Washington is situated on the Potomac River in the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia is outside the jurisdiction of any state and subjects only to the control of the Federal Congress.

Washington is the seat of the Federal Government of the United States. It has been the capital of the USA since 1800. It has about 900 000 inhabitants.

Washington is one of the least industrialized metropolises in the world. However, in many ways it’s a typical American city. Washington often rates as «dangerous» on the scale of air pollution. The air is periodically toxic from exhaust fumes. The water in Potomac is polluted. There are traffic jams in rush hours in its streets. Washington is often called the city of underprivileged and poor blacks.

In spite of all its problems, Washington has another nickname — the American Paris. The major attractions for tourists are in the heart of Washington. Among them the National Museum of History, the National Museum of Natural History. The National Gallery of Art exhibits thousands of the world’s finest canvases. The Library of Congress is the younger rival of the London Library of the British Museum. It contains a lot of books, prints and photos.

There’s hardly a park, a square or a open area in the capital without monument or a memorial. The most impressive and best-known of them are the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument is the highest structure of the city. The oldest building in Washington is the White House, the official residence of the President.

Washington’s broad and long streets add to the poise of the city. Most of them are called after states — Pennsylvania Avenue, Connecticut Avenue. The capital is also proud of its two universities Georgetown University and George Washington University.