Текст на английском языке описание школы(про ее описание пример : там большая библиотека,есть учительская и т.д.все на английском)


Ответы и объяснения


My school is very big. It has 5 floors. There are cloak rooms, a dining room, and the headmaster's study on the ground floor. There is a big and nice hall on the ground floor too. Here we have concerts and meetings. The classrooms are on the first, second fourth and fifth floors. All the classrooms are big and light. There are computers in all the classrooms. We have a good library with interesting books, magazines, CDs and videos. The school gymnasium is on the first floor. It is very big. its windows are on the celing.We have also got two swimming pools. Our schoolyard is big. We have a nice garden, three football fields and a good playground.