1. Read the sentences and match them to the tenses.

1) We write letters every weekend. a) Present Simple.

2) She usually eats her dinner alone. b) Past Simple.

3) Sam came back from school in time. c) Present Continuous

4) Charlie Chaplin was bom in London. d) Past Continuous.

5) We are running very fast. e) Present Perfect.

6) New books are written by famous writer. f) Past Perfect.

7) She was doing her work yesterday. g) Past Simple Passive

8) I had finished English yesterday before he came, h) Present Simple Passive

2. Put correct prepositions in time expressions.

a) ......Christmas

b).......... summer

c)......... Christmas Day

3. Translate into English using the Gerund.

1. Продолжайте читать.

2. Вы не против, если я вам помогу.

3. Она не могла удержаться от смеха.

4. Он отрицал кражу денег.

4. Before the Infinitive put “to” where it is necessary.

1. I was planning.... do a lot of things yesterday.

2. What makes you think you are right?

3. I like... dance

4. She made me...... repeat my words several times.


Ответы и объяснения


1) a) Present Simple.
2) a) Present Simple. 
3) b) Past Simple. 
4) g) Past Simple Passive
5) c) Present Continuous 
6) h) Present Simple Passive
7) d) Past Continuous
8) f) Past Perfect

a) at Christmas

b) in summer
c) on Christmas Day

1. Continue Reading.

2. Would you mind being helped?

3. She couldn't help laughing. 

4. He denied stealing the money.

4. Before the Infinitive put “to” where it is necessary.

1. to
3. to

4. -