Где лучше жить студенту в кампусе или в в крартире?


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Which is the best place for a student to live: a campus or a flat?
That's a difficult question.
On the one hand, every student feels that he's almost a grown-up and wants to be free and independent. Then flat is the best way to choose. A student can do everything that he wants, but renting a flat costs a lot of money.
On the other hand, people in that age want to make friends and have fun, to enjoy spending time together, to have parties. When you live in a campus, all of it is so easy. Life in a campus is light, cheap and full of hapiness.
To sum up, every student can choose the way which is right for him. He needs to think about his preferences and then to make a decision. As for me, i'd like to live in a campus, because in my student years i probably would like to have fun.