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We live a busy lifestyle and work or study hard all day and when we arrive home in the evening it is a pleasure to hear and to see your pet who is waiting for you all day. Our pets help us to relax and forget all problems. They  bring us joy.   If you have a cat you can take it on your hands and hear its purring. It will raise your mood.  Having a dog can be a great way to be in good form. You walk with it every day.  You will never feel lonely if you have a pet. It is fun to play with them. Or you can also train them. It is also interesting. Pets help you to be responsible. You never forget to feed, to walk with your pet. You know that your per is depended on you and that is why never forget it. People say that people who have pets live longer and happier than those who do not.  Your pet is your best friend. A friend who never betrays.