Нужно написать страшилку на английском по картинкам(приложить картинки возможности нет, так что постараюсь описать их), естественно желательно без ошибок(гугл, промт и т.д лесом).


1) Девушка(светлые волосы, белые водолазка и юбка) идет по дорожке одна, вокруг деревья и вдали замок.

2) Девушка также идет по дорожке(вдали также остается замок) одна и сзади появляется свечение, она оглядывается.

3) Перед ней появляется призрак дракона(к ней спиной). У девушки волосы дыбом и вообще она вся испуганая.

4)Девушка бежит оттуда, волосы дыбом, все(мужчина с ребенком, девушка, парень с собакой) оглядываются на нее.

И так же придумать концовку.


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It was the night before Halloween. Jane spent whole day and the evening at Kate's house  - her new friend in this town. . They were thinking about something interesting and unusual for this Halloween.  She was comminmg back home late. It was dark outside already and a little frightening. Jane tried to get home as fast as possible. Suddenly she noticed a castle in the distance. She's never payed any attention to it before. She was new at this area and she didn't know anything about this castle.

It was large and dark and she was absolutelly sure that there were some ghosts there. She didn't have any wish to meet them right now so she was almost running home.

     Suddenly she noticed something strange behind. She turned around and froze up in fair - it was a ghost of a dragon! Jane was scared to death. She  rushed towards her home. Everybody was looking at her - a man with a boy, a girl, a young pal with a dog. It was obvious that they didn't see anything. She turned around and saw nothing too. She closed her eyes and tried to calm down her beeting fast heart.  Then she started to laugh. She laughed and laughed and she couldn't stop laughing becasue she saw her friends coming from behind  the trees with a costume of a dragon and some lights in their hands. They just played a joke to her before halloween. 


It was the most unforgetable Halloween for Jane ever.