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Every evening in Tarrigon, the younger gefods met inside the dragon‘s old cave. There, they chatted and gossiped and had a little fun for an hour or two before nightfall. Zarena rarely joined them. She didn‘t like to go to the cave. No, that‘s not quite true. After a long day collecting food, sometimes all she wanted was to have some company. But Zarena was shy and couldn‘t make friends easily. When she did go to the cave, she usually stood alone, away from the other gefods, and didn‘t feel secureenough to join in their conversations. Zarena found being sociable very difficult. The other gefods mistook her quietness for arrogance. They thought that because she was more intelligent than them, she waslooking down on them. They were also jealous because she worked so hard and kept her burrow so clean and tidy. So they teased her or ignored her and made her feel sad. Because of that, she didn‘t like going to the cave. ‘Perhaps I am a bit lonely,’ she said to herself sometimes, ‘but at least I work hard. I wouldn’t want to be like Vantura even though she’s much more popular than me.’ (Vantura bullied Zarena more than the other gefods.) ‘She’s nasty and selfish andrude and unkind. I’m glad I’m not like that, even if she has got more friends than me. And I bet most of her friends only pretend to like her. They’re just scared of her. I’m sure none of them trust her.’ Zarena was strict with herself: ‘Never change who you are just to become more popular,” she told herself.


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