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I am dreaming about having a perfect day somewhere in India or Goa, the place, which is not spoilt by civilization. I would probably wake up around 10 a. m and tuck into a delicious Indian breakfast oа pancakes with lots of curry powder. Then I`d take to the backwater for three or four hours. Later on, having had an indulgent lunch, I`d lie in a hummock, sipping fresh coconut milk through a straw and reading a good book. I might follow the footsteps of

Hollywood stars, to come to such places in search of relaxation, massage and natural healthcare facilities, which date back more than 3000 years. These treatments use herbal oils made from the exotic spices. Poured very slowly across your forehead, the oil feels like a cow licking you. This might sound revolting, but is actually very enjoyable for people suffering from stress and strains of modern life.