Guess his or her job.

1. The man on the picture is

a) carpenter b) lumberjack c) plumber

2. He writes articles for newspapers and magazines.

a)journalist b) newsreader c) butler

3. She comes here in the morning to tidy up the place.

a) cleaner b) tutor c) librarian

4. He designs roads and bridges.

a) builder b)engineer c) mechanic

5. He keeps and shecks financial statements.

a) yard keeper b) accountant c) mechanic

6. He operates on people to save their lives.

a) psychologist b) surgeon c) vet

7. The person in the picture works as...(там на картинке стоит официант)

a) chef b) painter c)waiter

8. He cries : "Cut!" when shooting a film.

a) film director b) cameraman c) actor

9. This person makes bread and cakes for saie.

a) butcher b) baker c) cashier 1

0. This person helps people with mental disorders and human problems.

a) teacher b) porter c) psychologist


Ответы и объяснения


2) a)journalist

3) a) cleaner 

4) b)engineer 

5) b) accountant

6) b) surgeon 

7) c)waiter

8) a) film director

9) b) baker

10)  c) psychologist