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The legend about wheat According to Ukrainian beliefs, wheat was sent to people by God. And an ear began to grow from the land and went to the top of the stem. So it was not cut, nor reap. One day God decided to come down to the Earth and see how people live there. He dressed like a beggar and went to the people. Everywhere he saw a great wealth and prosperity of people. He went into a house to ask a woman for alms. She met him very unfriendly. In response to requests from a traveler she threw him a stale pancake, although on the table there was a freshly baked sweet bread. God was angry at the whole human race for such a neglect of bread and began to cut off the wheat ears. A faithful servant of the man - the dog – saw this, and it started to whine, to cry and to beg for forgiveness. God had mercy on the dog and left the wheat stalk ears, which he held in his hand. Thus on the stem it has left just a small piece of wheat that we consume. The swallow A swallow symbolizes a happy family life, affection, love and tenderness. Where swallow made a nest, there live good people. It also protects houses from thunder, lightning and fire. In general, the swallow symbolizes femininity. Thus, in folklore, charms are often compared to swallows. There is also a belief, that swallows can affect on the beauty. So when girls see the first spring swallow, they ask it for a beauty. There is a legend about swallows: There was a nice young couple - Mil and Lepa. All Gods came on their wedding. Everywhere they were together. They were both fast runners and good hunters. Their hearts were kind and affectionate: they gave the prey to the old and infirm people. They loved the sky and the land, water and forests, people and gods. Sam Troyan, God-month, God-carpenter, built them a house, where now is the Khreschatyk street. The God of thunder asked him to hunt the ferocious boar in the Forest of Perun that had divorced the roots of oak trees. As women were not allowed to enter the forest, Mil went alone. But once Lepa quietly was chasing Mil. She hided behind the bushes and suddenly she saw the ferocious boar. Her husband threw a sword in him, but the wounded boar roared and rushed for Mil. And when it came very close to Mil, she screamed. Mil promptly bounced and cut off the head of the beast with a sharp knife. The blood spurted on the chest of hunter. "My love, you are alive!" - Lepa cried to Mil. "You're my Birdie" - cried the excited Mil. They kissed, but Perun saw this and became very angry that the woman stepped onto his covert territory, so he made of them birds, with red marks on their chests. Now swallows build their nests on the human houses, because people are their relatives.


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