Make one sentence from each pair of the sentences using the relative pronoun in brackets

1)Your joke was very funny .You told me this joke yesterday. (which)

2)There is a film on tonight. I'd like to see it. (that)

3)This office is ten minutes from the city centre . My cousin works there.(where)

4)This boy is Julia's brother.He plays footbal very well.(who)

5)Dave is going to visit us.His sister has just returned from Great Britain.(whose)


Ответы и объяснения

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1). The joke which you told me yesterday  was very funny. - шутка - неодушевл. сущ. поэтому берем which 

2).  I'd like to see a film that is on tonight. - можно было вместо that (в значениикоторый) сказать which

3). The office where my cousin works is ten minutes from the city centre.

4). This boy who plays football very well is Julia's brother.- мальчик - одушевл. сущ. поэтому берем who

5). Dave whose sister has just returned from Great Britain is going to visit us.