Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form and 1)-Who ... this park .... (to found) by? -it ...(to found) by local authorities thirty-five years ago. 2)-How many animals ... (to keep) in this Zoo last year? -Last year we ... (to keep) more than one hundred animals. 3)-....the measure to protect this area from pollution ...(to take) yet? -No they ...(to discuss)at the moment. 4)- .... you .... (to write) the letters already? -The letters ...(to write) at the moment. - ....they .... (to solve) this problem yet? -No it (to solve) tomorrow.


Ответы и объяснения


1. did, found. founded. 2. did keep. kept. 3. has, taken. are discussing. 4. have, written. are writing. 5. have, solved. will solve.

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1. was... founded, was founded

2. were kept, kept

3. have... been taken?  , are being duscussed

4. have ...written..? are being written

  Have they solved this problem yet? -No, it will be solved tomorrow.