1. My daughter Mary (not/ like) apples, but she likes oranges. A not likes B don’t like C doesn’t like 2. … money do you want? A How much B How many C Which 3. Granny is in the kitchen. She (make) a plum cake. A is making B is make C makes 4. I’m sure we (enjoy) our visit to the Zoo. A will enjoy B shall enjoy C are going to enjoy 5. When I (arrive) in Manchester next week, I (phone) you. A will arrive, will phone B will arrive, phone C arrive, will phone 6. When Jill (finish) school? A When had Jill finished B When has Jill finished C When did Jill finish 7. We (not/ see) Peter this week, but we (see) him a couple of weeks ago. A didn’t see A saw B haven’t saw B have saw C haven’t seen C have seen 8. I haven’t spoken to Mary … Christmas. A for B since C ago 9. While my son (wait) for my call, somebody knocked at the door. A waited B was waiting C was waited 10. You (write) this composition for two hours and can’t complete it. A wrote B have written C have been writing 11. That morning she went out after she (phone) somebody. A phoned B had phoned C has phoned 12. By the time they come I (go). A will go B will be going C will have gone 13. Teddy’s words made me (feel) uncomfortable. A to feel B feeling C feel 14. You look tired. If I (be) you, I (take) a holiday. A be D will take B were E would take C have been F take 15. All parts of London seem … to different towns and epochs. A to belong B belonging C belong 16. You will … speak Spanish in another few months. A can B have C be able to 17. To my mind, the government … take care of old people. A ought B neeed to C must 18. Look! The bridge (repair). A is being repaired B is been repaired C has been repaired 19. Dad phoned us and asked if our luggage (already/ pack). A was already being packed B had already been packed C was packed 20. I knew that mercury (be) the closest planet to the sun, but I didn’t feel like answering the question. A was B is C had been 21. We didn’t know the score, but we were sure their team (lose) the game. A has lost B had lost C lost 22. We haven’t got much time, …? A …, do we? B …, don’t we? C …, haven’t we? 23. We had a wonderful holiday in France. I wish we (go) there again next summer. A will go B go C went 24. I’d like to have … hamburger for … breakfast. A the A - B - B a C a C the 25. … earth goes round … sun. A the A - B - B a C an C the 26. … Urals are old and not very high. A the B - C a 27. I met my (good) friend yesterday. A goodest B better C best 28. The problem was (serious) we expected. A seriouser than B more serious than C so serious 29. Money … not everything. A is B be C are 30. Last Sunday we went fishing, but we didn’t catch a lot of … A fish B fishes C fishs 31. Mother … me to go shopping. A said B told C talked 32. He explained them … he was speaking about. A what B than C that 33. I like to watch the planes … A take off B to take off C to be taking off 34. This isn’t my text-book, … is at home. A my B mine C me 35. John asked if … A I had been there before B I was there before C had I been there before 36. Tom said, “Jerry has been my best friend since our early childhood.” A tom told Jerry that he had been his best friend since their early childhood. B Tom said that Jerry has been my best friend since our early childhood. C Tom said that jerry had been his best friend since their early childhood. 37. “Where is the nearest bus stop?” the old man addressed a policeman. A The old man asked where was the nearest bus stop. B the old man asked a policeman where the nearest bus stop was. C The old man told a policeman where the nearest bus stop was. 38. doing – men – what – those – are? A What are those man doing? B what are you doing those man? C What those man are doing? 39. the news – yesterday – saw – television - I – on A I yesterday saw the news on television. B I saw on television the news yesterday. C Yesterday I saw the news on television. 40. round – at – table – wooden – they – a – large – sat A They sat at a large wooden round table. B They sat at a round large wooden table. C They sat at a large round wooden table. 41. We didn’t want his speech to be interrupted. A Мы не хотели прерывать его речь. B Мы не хотели, чтобы он прерывал нас своей речью. C Он не хотел прерывать нас своей речью. 42. He is likely to come on Sunday. A Он любит приходить в воскресенью. B Он обычно приходит в воскресенье. C Вероятно, он придет в воскресенье. 43. He used to be good at mathematics. A Он хорошо знает математику. B Когда-то он хорошо знал математику. C Он хорошо использовал знание математики. 44. She had a good practical knowledge of French having worked as an interpreter for many years in France. A Она хорошо преподавала французский после того, как много лет проработала переводчиком во Франции. B Она много лет учила французский для того, чтобы работать переводчиком во Франции. C Она приобрела хорошие практические знания французского, когда много лет работала переводчиком во Франции. 45. Something must have happened. He had to come at seven. A Должно быть что-то произошло. Он должен был прийти в семь. B Что-то должно произойти. Он пришел в семь. C Нужно его обрадовать. Он придет в семь. 46. I will come to your place with pleasure unless nothing prevents me. A Я приду к вам с удовольствием, если ничто не помешает. B Я приду к вам с удовольствием, и ничто мне не помешает. C Я бы пришел к вам с удовольствием, но у меня есть дела. 47. He is twice as old as she is. A Она в два раза старше его. B Он в два раза старше ее. C Он несомненно такого же возраста как и она. 48. No sooner had he arrived home than he fell ill. A Он еще не вскоре приедет потому, что заболел. B Он уже приехал, но сейчас он болеет. C Не успел он приехать домой, как заболел. 49. I wonder if he has seen this movie before. A Здорово, что он посмотрел этот фильм. B Интересно, он смотрел когда-нибудь этот фильм. C Я удивился, что он посмотрел этот фильм. 50. John is said to have written a new book. A Говорят, что Джон написал новую книгу. B Джон сказал, что написал новую книгу. C Джона попросили написать новую книгу.


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