Помогите написать предложения со словами : expensive, ugly, strong, fat , thin , empty , weak


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1. My grandfather is old. He is 85. But my brother is young. He is 2- he is the youngest in our family.

2.  This cat is  thin and that cat is fat. The fat cat is mine.

3. Snowwhite is  a very beautiful  girl and the witch is very ugly.

4. Mike is very tall. He is the tallest boy in our class. Nick is  short . He is only 4.

5.  This is a very good adventure film. I think it is a bad story.

6. Pavel is very  strong. He is fond of power- lifting. Peter is too weak to win this competition


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This car is cool but very expensive.

This girl is not  ugly!

He is so strong.

It is very difficult to live if you are fat.

I want to be thin.

This box is  empty.

She is ill and very  weak.