Помогите написать предложения со словами : a thick carpet , a cushion , a ceiling , a curtain , a bedside table, a dressing table . a wall lamp . a floor lamp , a wall-unit , a piano .


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My favourite room.

My favourite room is my room.  It is very light and cosy. There is a a thick carpet on the floor. The ceiling is very high. In the corner there is a piano, Near the wall there is my bed. There are a lot of colored  cushions on my bed. The  curtains are also colored. Next to the bed there is  a bedside table. In the right corner there is an armchair. Near it there is a floor lamp. I like to sit there and read a book. opposite the bed there is  a dressing table where I put my hearpins, cosmetics and combs.  I like my room. I fell there very comfortable. I can relax there and forget all my problems.