подскажите пожалуйста какой нибудь интересный стишок про зиму (на английском)


Ответы и объяснения


Clouded with snow
The cold winds blow,
And shrill on leafless bough
The robin with its burning breast
Alone sings now.

The rayless sun,
Day's journey done,
Sheds its last ebbing light
On fields in leagues of beauty spread
Unearthly white.

Thick draws the dark,
And spark by spark,
The frost-fires kindle, and soon
Over that sea of frozen foam
Floats the white moon.

New Year

Come, children, gather round my knee,
Something is about to be.
Tonight’s December thirty-first,
Something is about to burst.
Hark, it’s midnight, children dear,
Huck, here comes another year! 

New Year

A happy New Year!
The day is so clear,
The snow is so white,
The sky is so bright, We shout with all our might:
“A happy New Year!”