Задание звучит так: Respond to the statements using the verds below. write responses in the future simple. buy, close,tidy, have ,answer 1) your bedroom is a mess! .... 2) your mobile phones is riging. .... 3) it is too cold in here! .... 4) would you like the blue or the red one?... 5) we have not got any bread. ....


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1) Hope you will be tidier.

2) Will you answer for call?

5) Will you buy it, please?

 С 3м и 4м разобраться не смог..

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1-      Will you tidy your room up?

2-      Will you answer the phone?

3-      Will you close the window, please?

4-      I’ll have the red one.

5-      Will you buy some bread, please?