Написать описание на английском(с переводом) тема "Моё любимое домашнее животное".Помогите пожалуйста!!!


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I want to tell you about my favorite pet. Her name is Fluffy!

It is a decorative rabbit. She lives in my room and sometimes in the kitchen. When misbehaving!

My rabbit loves cabbage, carrots, apples, grass and twigs. When she let go jump in a room, it first runs, runs, and when tired, crawl under the sofa and sat there for about ten minutes.

Fluffy likes to be petted, and the hands begin to take, it is scratched!

When we bought it, brought home and released to walk in the kitchen, she stepped one, the other paw, and then the rest. So she went to the first 2 minutes, and then how come worn. I leaned down to kiss her, she ran and slapped me! (That was painful!) Now Fluffy has learned to jump up on the couch! Jumps, climbs into bed, alone ears stick out! Lie down next to her, Fluffy attractive face puts out, look again and hide! Tired of sitting under the covers again puts out attractive face and watching TV!