Say what you think these people are going to do.

1. Peter is in the bathroom. The water is running.

2. Alice is in the kitchen. A cup of coffe and a sandwich are on the table.

3. Paul is sitting in the armchair. He is opening a book.

4. Anna is in the shop. She likes a large beautiful mirror.

5. John and Jane are wearing tennis clothes and they have their tennis rackets in their hands.

6. Frank is standing near the bookcase with a book in his hand. His other hand is on the bookcase door.

7. Mother is in the kitchen. In the sink there are a lot of cups and glasse which are a not clean. The water is running.

8. Some boys and girls are one of them has a football.


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1. He is going to take a bath.

2.She is going to have breakfast.

3.He is going to read.

4.She is going to buy a mirror.

5.They are going to play tennis.

6.He is going to put the book into the bookcase.

7.She is going to wash the dishes.

8.They are going to play football.


1. wash and drink 

4. look in the mirror, looking at myself, buy a mirror 

5play tennis 

6 put the book 

7. wash cup 

8. play footbal