Пожалуйста помогите!! Срочно!!!
Выбери лучший вариант. Напишите правильную букву в каждом пропуске.Вставьте в таблицу.
How to spot a tourist in the crowd?
Tourists differ from___(1) people. You____(2) listen to the language they speak to find out that they are from some other country. When waking along the street,they look around as if they had never seen____(3) like that before. They take photos of every monument on their way,and it doesn't matter to them that____(4) the monuments look pretty ugly. ____(5) they see a policman,they try to take a photo of him,and they
enjoy taking photos of____(6),too. If there are no people around to help thern,they use the automatic mode-put the camera down,run to the place the camera in almed at, and give it a big energetic smile.
Tourists also like talking to lokals. Even those____(7) hardly say a few words in the language of the country seem to enjoy conversations with locals very much.____(8) tourists are cheerful and curious and often feel happy about things which local people don't notice at all.


Ответы и объяснения


1. other
2. ---
3. anything
4. all
5. If

6. him / themselves (?) 

7. who

8. All (the)