Вставьте артикль, где это необходимо

this is ... book. It is my book. I have .. sister. There are beautiful ... tress in ... park. There is ... library between ... school and ...bank. There is ... sofa in ... corner of ... room. There are ... books on...shelf. There is...butter in...butter dish. There is... tea in my glass. Yesterday i saw..new film, but the film wasn't very interesting. My daughter will go to shool...next yaer. ... History and literature were...my favourite subjects at...shool. ...butter and cheese are made of...milk.

Написать предложения. употребив нужную форму.

The Vatican is (small) country in the world. (Easy) way to travel around London is by bus or underground train. Yane has got (long) hair than her sister. The (high) mountains are in Scotland and Wales: Ben Nevis and Snowdon. Mrs. Lambert is six year (young) than her husband. My (old) brother is twenty-two. This book is (interesting) than the red one! Tom is (good) friend I have. John is (shot) than William. December 22 is (shot) day of the year. Which is (large) city in your country? Agatha Christie is one of (famous) English writers. The next text is (difficult) than this one.


Ответы и объяснения


his is a book. It is my book. 2. Is this your pencil? — No, it isn't my pencil, it is my sister's pencil. 3. I have a sister. My sister is an engineer. My sister's husband is a doctor. 4. I have no handbag. 5. She has got a headache. 6. Have they got a car? — Yes, they have. Their car is very expensive but reliable. 7. Have you got a calculator? — No, I haven't. 8. Is this a watch? — No, it isn't a watch, it's a pen. 9. This pen is good, and that pen is bad. 10. I can see a pencil on your table, but I can see no paper. 11. Give me a chair, please. 12, They have a dog and two cats. 13. I have a spoon in my plate, but I have no soup in it. 14. My friend says he is going to be a millionaire one day. 15. Would you like an orange? 16. Mr. Smith is an artist, Mrs. Smith is a poetess.