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" В наши дни,Интернет является популярным способом поиска информации. Некоторые люди думают,что этот способ поиска информации имеет больше недостатков ,чем преимуществ"


Ответы и объяснения


Why the Internet is hard to find the necessary information?

Because it is "littered" with piles of "trash" - false or misleading information, pornography, "priceless" personal pages, etc.
Indeed, potentially, the Internet can find anything. The problem is that it is not known in advance, if it contains the necessary information and, if so, whether it is reliable.
Since there is no single directory (or tables) of this global archive, search for information transformed into art, based on intuition or experience.
  The higher the demand for a certain type of information, the higher the probability that it is contained in the Internet and the easier it is to find.
Easily find information about famous people, resorts, lyrics, news, etc.
  If you know a foreign language, the chance to find the necessary information, sharply. Generally, it is best to seek information knowledgeable people with a broad outlook.