Напишите про какую нибудь звезду на английском языке полное имя,год рождения,место проживания,рост,есть ли(сестра,брат).Pleeeez


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 Rowan Atkinson was born 6 january 1955 In The UK, Consett city.. We all know him as Mr. Bean, funny old man who always gets into troubles. But let's watch his career from the beginning. He started his career in 1978 on BBC, he made satirical interviews, with fictional great men, who were played by himself. But only in the 1990 started serial which was called Mr. Bean, after that role Rowan became famous, because serial had a great popularity. Nowadays he is marriged has a wife and 2 children, son- Ben, daughter- Lily. Atkinson is not only fond of TV actor, he is fond of fast cars, he has more that 5 McClarrens, 2 fords and bugatti. This famous person is one of the best actors, in comedy genre.