Дайте поговорить о своем любимом месте в Лондоне. (12 предложений) Не забудьте сказать: • какой тип здания / место это • если туристы могут посетить его • какие интересные факты об этом вы знаете, • если вы хотите принять участие в его регулярно, я думаю ... В Лондоне действительно стоит посетить, потому что: 3 аргумента


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Among the museums of London, which I visited, I especially like the Victoria and Albert Museum. It makes no sense to talk about the diversity of objects and artifacts, which, as I understand it, in the whole history of imperial Britain, as one of the most aggressive countries in the world, the river came together in the British capital, and thanks to Prince Albert, partly settled in the walls of this wonderful museum. I was particularly struck by Hall, which contains many of the monumental sites of world cultural heritage, such as the column of Trajan. You ask - how, after all the column of Trajan in Rome is well and will stand forever, as does the eternal city. Nevertheless, the exact plaster copy of the Roman Emperor Trajan Column, but (for easy inspection) divided in half, stands in the museum hall and looks like the original.