1The boss ordered them (to not go / not to go) home until the job (was / is) done. 2My friend says that he (has been working / had been working) for that company since 1996. 3Joanna told me that she (didn't want / doesn't want) anything from me. 4She reported that they (were having / had) dinner then. 5They told me that they (had read / have read) that novel the year before. 6The class repeated that they (had made / have made) up their mind and they (were going to travel / would travel) to Spain. 7She asked me if (had I seen /l had seen) him. 8He wanted to know what (was I doing /I was doing) that night.


Ответы и объяснения


not to go


had been working

didn't want

were having

had read

had made

would travel

I had seen

I was doing