из этих предложений составить косвенные вопросительные предложения!!!! помогите срочно!
1)how long are you in the world of fashion .
2)when did you start working in fashion.
3)how did it start .
4)what do you like about your work.
5)what don't you like about you work.
6)is it important to be trendy.
7)whft is your advice for thoose who want to look good and feel good.


Ответы и объяснения


He asked how long I was in the world of fashion.

He skd when I had started working in fashion.

He asked how it had started.

He asked what I liked about my work.

He asked what I didn't like about my work.

He asked why it was important to be trendy.

He asked what was my advice for thosw who wanted to look good and feel good.